italcementi-logoHaving conducted its first materiality assessment in 2013, the Italcementi Group strives to understand, monitor and evaluate all relevant issues for the Group and its stakeholders, while also looking to integrate these findings into strategy and disclosure accordingly.

As of 2015, this materiality process now also includes alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which the company recognizes as being a key paradigm for business and its counterparts. Italcementi Group has disclosed a comprehensive matrix which clearly outlines which of its material issues are linked with which of the SDGs.

In addition to this, the Group has also performed a comprehensive internal survey, involving almost 200 key positions at both headquarters and subsidiary level, exploring opinion on which of the SDGs are most likely to produce impacts in terms of: process efficiency and production continuity; opportunities for the development of products and markets; and stakeholder engagement and meaningful corporate citizenship. Results from the survey have provided the Group with useful insight, helping it to prioritize targets, and deepen its understanding of regional variations.