Field data from 2021

Note: The SCF member companies’ overall performance on traceability to farm for direct sources is referenced in the Monitor Land Use section.

Soy volume sourced in the Cerrado

Out of total volume sourced from Brazil in 2021


sourced in other biomes


sourced in the Cerrado

Soy volumes sourced in the 61 focus municipalities

Out of total volume sourced from Cerrado in 2021


sourced in other municipalities


sourced in the 61 focus municipalities

Soy volume sourced directly and indirectly

Out of total volume sourced from the 61 focus municipalities in 2021


indirect sources


direct sources


To the first point of aggregation in the 61 focus municipalities


is traceable to the first point of aggregation


Out of total volume of soy purchased directly and indirectly in the 61 focus municipalities in 2021


non-verified DCF soy


verified DCF soy

Sustainability to us goes beyond economic development and environmental conservation. We also strive to achieve the best production rates, combined with effective environmental preservation. We know that it is challenging, however, it becomes possible and effective when you apply up to date intelligent cultivation techniques, while balancing ecosystems particularities and applicable legislation. In this way, it is possible to optimize food production in a smaller area.

I also commend the evolution of Brazilian legislation and the efforts of authorities and public bodies in the application and enforcement of environmental legislation. As well as the private sector, especially the companies that procure the production, which follow strict rules for the reception and commercialization of grains.

By using sustainable practices to produce, we receive the benefit of selling our production in both domestic and foreign markets. Additionally, when we produce in consolidated and licensed areas, strictly following Brazilian environmental legislation, we are preserving at the same time as we are contributing to good agricultural practices and integrative environmental conservation.

It becomes necessary to rethink environmental conservation, taking into consideration the particularities of each location and the effectiveness of the measures which we need to adopt. Sustainable development goes beyond leaving what we have untouched. It is possible to produce sustainably and to preserve. Producers are allies in the effort to promote conservation of our environment.

Fabiano Richart

Farmer and producer at Maranhão and Pará states

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