Business commitment to wastewater zero

Business must raise its ambition to meet SDG 6.3 by developing low carbon wastewater treatment processes that derive optimal value from wastewater, meaning the recycling of wastewater and extraction of water, materials and energy for reuse.

Zero pollution

Commitment to treat all wastewater and ensure that effluent quality meets or exceeds relevant regulatory requirements in facilities and by suppliers.

Zero Freshwater

Commitment to not increase absolute freshwater withdrawals and to increase the proportion of reused and recycled wastewater used in facilities and suppliers.

Low-carbon treatment

Commitment to treat all wastewater using low carbon technologies that are in line with corporate net-zero GHG emissions targets.

Why commit to wastewater zero

Today, 80% of wastewater is discharged directly into the environment without prior treatment. This is bad for business, nature, climate and society. The cost of inaction far outweighs the investment required to fix the wastewater problem. If your business is committed to halting biodiversity loss, climate action or water security, taking the Wastewater Zero commitment will help you meet your targets

By taking the Wastewater Zero commitment, companies:

  • Demonstrate leadership in tackling a major global challenge: water quality
  • Generate impact by contributing to the implementation of the SDGs
  • Aligning wastewater actions with climate, biodiversity, and water targets
  • Be connected to peers and partners active in this space
  • Have access to and inform the development of tools to support reaching your wastewater zero commitment

How can your company commit to wastewater zero?

We are currently establishing a cohort of leading companies to be the first group to take the wastewater zero commitment, if you are interested in being part of this group, please reach out to the WBCSD Water team.

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