About the Soft
Commodities Forum

The complexity of soy supply chains means that no single business can tackle deforestation alone. Collaboration helps move the whole value chain forward by establishing and applying standards and solutions. In 2018, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) established the Soft Commodities Forum (SCF) to enable member companies to collaboratively find effective solutions to common sustainability challenges, bridging global goals with local realities.
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Where we work

We believe that targeting efforts and resources where the risk is highest is the most effective way to drive progress and promote inclusive approaches. Members’ collective action targets 70% of recent soy-driven land conversion in Brazil’s Cerrado. Learn more in our interactive map.

How we work

Our member companies collect data from their own supply chains to reach farm-level traceability, work with satellite images to monitor deforestation and native vegetation conversion risks in the focus municipalities, and establish protocols for verifying their data collection. They also use the data to show impact and progress over time.
Consumer-facing companies want to buy soy that is free from deforestation and native vegetation conversion. At the same time, producers are encouraged to address deforestation in a way that goes beyond their legal obligations, which demands the right incentives to protect their livelihoods and right to development. Our member companies work to ease this dialogue with partners up- and downstream to identify joint solutions that add value for producers and consumers alike.
Through targeted projects on the ground, our member companies support landscape transformation, calling for the entire value chain to adopt solutions to incentivize and scale the sustainable production of soy. We approach landscape transformation through the Farmer First Clusters initiative, supporting producers with 6 voluntary solutions applied based on individual landscape contexts.