About the Soft
Commodities Forum

The complexity of soy supply chains means that no single business can tackle deforestation alone. Collaboration helps to move the entire value chain forward, establishing and applying standards and solutions. In 2018, the Soft Commodities Forum (SCF) was established to enable this collaboration making it the only forum in which member companies have agreed to find collective solutions to common sustainability challenges, bridging global goals with local realities.

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Where we work

The SCF believes that targeting efforts and resources where the risk is highest is the most effective way to drive progress, promoting inclusive approaches. Members’ collective action targets 70 percent of recent soy-driven conversion in the Cerrado. Learn more in our interactive map.

How we work

SCF members are committed to delivering transparent and traceable supply chains in the Cerrado with the goal to promote targeted action where it matters the most. In this section of the report, find out more about the group’s efforts and access the latest traceability data from SCF members.

Promoting better engagement and collaborations with stakeholders across the value chain is a key priority for the SCF. In this section of the report, read more about our stakeholders and how the SCF works with them to identify common solutions.

Deforestation is a leading driver of climate change. To address it, we will need to develop and test solutions at farm and landscape level, ultimately bringing tangible benefits to those who live there. In this section of the report, learn more about what working in landscapes means for the SCF. 


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