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Transform Landscapes | SCF
Transform Landscapes

Why we do it

The SCF is at the forefront of mobilizing partnerships that identify, invest in, and scale solutions for more sustainable land use in Brazil and beyond. Together, these solutions make up the Farmer First Clusters – a landscape initiative that places producers at the heart of decision-making about how they manage, farm, and conserve their land.

Where we are

The SCF members have committed to investing up to USD $7.2 million to create a financial model for scalable funding, aided by technical implementation support and strategic co-funding partnerships. We have also established a rigorous Monitoring & Evaluation framework, Farm Eligibility Criteria, and DCF commitments to be met by farmers, alongside a careful partner selection process.

Our implementing partners have begun engaging producers in key Farmer First Clusters landscapes, yielding initial results that align with our core mission of creating a sustainable financial model through innovative solutions.

Implementing partners of the Farmer First Clusters initiative

We collaborate with diverse partners, leveraging their knowledge and expertise to advance our goals in sustainable soy production in the Cerrado region:

In collaboration with ABIOVE and the above-listed partners, the SCF presents its preliminary progress report with quantitative results on farmer engagement and acreage, alongside qualitative data for contextual insights into FFC solution implementation, categorized per FFC landscape.

What’s next


In November 2024, the SCF will publish the Farmer First Clusters initiative annual progress report.