About this report
Developed in a collaborative and inclusive process, the SCF’s bi-annual progress report helps build a shared understanding, vision, and strategy for a lasting solution to soy-driven deforestation and native vegetation conversion (NVC) in Brazil’s Cerrado biome.

The SCF’s work focuses on 61 municipalities in this region that accounted for 26% of all soy planted there in the 2020/2021 crop year (source: Agrosatélite) and represent 70% of the recent risk of soy-related deforestation and conversion in the Cerrado.

The SCF publicly reports its progress twice a year, in June and December. This is the seventh report, which details the joint progress made since last December and the key priorities for the future.

Apart from compiling key traceability data from the member companies, the report provides updated indicators of success and progress on three workstreams:

By publishing this report, the SCF’s six member companies – leading global agribusinesses and the top exporters of soybeans from Brazil – reaffirm their full commitment to an industry-wide solution that will support increased soy production while protecting the Cerrado biome.