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Field data from 2020

Soy volume sourced in the Cerrado

Out of total volume sourced from Brazil


sourced in other Biomes


sourced in the Cerrado

Soy volumes sourced in focus municipalities

Out of total volume sourced from the Cerrado


sourced in other municipalities


sourced in 61 focus municipalities

Soy volume sourced directly and indirectly

Out of total volume sourced from the 61 focus municipalities


indirect sources


direct sources

Soy volumes traceable to farm for direct sources

Out of total volume sourced directly from farmers


traceable to farm in 25 focus municipalities


traceable to farm in 61 focus municipalities

*By December 2021, members of the SCF commit to achieve at least 95% traceability to farm for direct sourcing in the 61 focus municipalities 

Sustainable agriculture and food production are among the world’s most pressing challenges. Collectively, we must find the best way to feed the world’s rapidly growing population, while preserving ecologically valuable biomes.

To achieve this, LDC focuses on advancing supply chain traceability to farm, monitoring and transparency, while continually seeking new ways to make our activities increasingly sustainable.

Traceability in particular is a key enabler to fulfill our sustainability commitments – for our customers, for society at large and for future generations. 

Origination teams have an important role to play for traceability and transparency. That’s why, year after year, we push forward to meet the traceability targets we set ourselves, sometimes going beyond these, as the foundation for supply chain transparency and informed sourcing decisions.

Paloma Silva
Sustainability Coordinator for North Latin America Sao Paulo, Brazil

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