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Field data from 2020

Soy volume sourced in the Cerrado

Out of total volume sourced from Brazil


sourced in other Biomes


sourced in the Cerrado

Soy volumes sourced in focus municipalities

Out of total volume sourced from the Cerrado


sourced in other municipalities


sourced in 61 focus municipalities

Soy volume sourced directly and indirectly

Out of total volume sourced from the 61 focus municipalities


indirect sources


direct sources

Soy volumes traceable to farm for direct sources

Out of total volume sourced directly from farmers


traceable to farm in 25 focus municipalities


traceable to farm in 61 focus municipalities

*By December 2021, members of the SCF commit to achieve at least 95% traceability to farm for direct sourcing in the 61 focus municipalities 

Every day, I start my day with the clear goal of working to transform the supply chain to become more sustainable – for farmers and the planet. Extreme weather events, rising temperatures, drought and other climate-related issues present major challenges for farmers and food producers. That’s why most farmers in Brazil not only adhere to – but are leaders – in sustainable agriculture practices. They know that preserving the planet is critical to sustaining their livelihood. It is also critical for Cargill.

At Cargill, I work with farmers to help nourish the world in a sustainable way. Our South America Soy Policy and Action Plan guide the work and our priorities. We have made significant progress the past few years on increasing traceability through our supply chain single-point mapping and are working to enhance traceability through polygon mapping. This increased visibility into our supply chain allows for better monitoring of – and taking action against – potential non-compliant land conversion.

Ultimately, it’s the engagement we have with farmers to find innovative solutions that will help us achieve Cargill’s commitment to a deforestation- and conversion-free soy supply chain in the shortest time possible.

Eric Geglio
Sustainability Specialist, Cargill – Brazil

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