DCF Performance Disclosure for 2021 and 2022

At ADM, our mission to support rural producers through various technical training has grown even stronger, and our partnership with our suppliers has become a model of genuine commitment.

Sustainability goes beyond merely respecting the environment. It is a commitment that brings comprehensive benefits. It benefits nature, takes care of those who work on farms, strengthens our relationship with suppliers, and ensures a more promising future for future generations. It is incredibly gratifying to hear producers share the positive impacts that the improvements they have implemented have brought not only to their operations but also to their communities and the environment. These inspiring stories are a testament to how our efforts at ADM are positively impacting the world.

Our vision is clear: sustainability is the foundation of our ongoing success. As we move forward in 2023, we will continue to strengthen our partnership with rural producers in Bahia and support the development of sustainable agricultural practices, thereby driving progress and well-being for all involved. We are committed to ensuring that sustainability is more than just an idea; it is a tangible and lasting reality in all the farms and communities we serve.

Anderson Francisco da Cruz

Origination Commercial Manager at ADM, Bahia

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