DCF Performance Disclosure for 2021 and 2022

Viterra provides employees with various tools and training to identify, mitigate and eliminate from our supply chain products grown in areas not environmentally compliant. Every day in our work we focus on fulfilling our commitments and goals for a supply chain free from deforestation and conversion of native vegetation.

We raise awareness and work with our partners and suppliers so that agricultural production follows the best socio-environmental practices, thus avoiding ecological imbalance in the regions where we operate. We encourage the traceability of commercialized products through official documents and control systems, promoting transparency in our operations.

Over time, paradigms are being broken and the word “sustainability” gains notoriety in our commercial visits. We hope that our work can increasingly engage producers and together we can meet market demands for sustainable products.

Gilson Silva

Commercial Manager at Viterra, Cuiabá – MT

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